La Serena

the beach

The specific characteristics of the beach and its services – cut on the tourists needs – guarantee to all the guests safety and tranquillity. Four are the main features that make Bibione a beach unique in its kind. Typology: 10 km of a golden, fine and soft sandy beach with[…]


Udine is a tranquil town and a flourishing trading centre with luxury shops mostly situated in via Rialto. The heart of Udine is Piazza Libertà (Square of Liberty) where its main monuments are located: the white and pink coloured Loggia del Lionello, erected in 1448, is a splendid example of[…]


A few kilometres away from Bibione lies Portogruaro, known as the “town of the arcades“. Born as a river port in the 12th century, it is crossed by the Lemene River, where ancient palaces in Venetian Gothic style overlook the river banks. Walking under its charming arcades you can reach[…]


Treviso is a town of many-sided aspects: the historical one because of the important facts of the past; the modern one for the various meeting-places of the young; the friendly one for its hospitable people; the artistic one because of the international displays it organises; last but not least, the[…]


Padua is a jewel of art, where amusement and culture join together. Taking a walk along the streets of the town always arouses wonders: the Basilica of St. Anthony, patron of the town, the Chapel of Scrovegni displaying precious paintings by Giotto, the museums, the ancient churches and the charming[…]


Venice might be considered as a magnetic field that, with the magnificent beauty of St. Mark square, attracts people from all over the world who can attend there a unique show. As well, Venice might be considered as – and it is indeed – an open-air sumptuous lounge where to[…]

the town

A tranquil place where you can relax, take a walk in the green of the pinewood or soak in a pool at the spa centre. Bibione is a clean town that respects nature; with its clear sea and the almost 10 km long beach of finest sand it offers efficient[…]