Our effort to
strike it

For the strange period we are living, hopefully not for long, both staff and guests need to follow the rules necessary to comply the national government and the ISS (National Institute for Public Health and Envinronment) regulations. Here following a little guideline about how we, together, can make sure you will have the most enjoyable and carefree experience.

Our House Rules

  • Keep Distance

Keep at least 1 meter distance from other guests and staff.

  • Wear a mask inside

A mask in indoor areas is all the times mandatory.

  • Stay home when you have symtoms

Cold or other flu symtoms? Please stay at home. Should you be showing symtoms, we can decide to not let you enter the hotel.

  • Disinfect

At every entrance of the hotel there is a disinfection point. When entering the hotel first disinfect your hands. All areas are being disinfected frequently.

  • Prevent Congregation

In addition to the 1 meter rule we ask you to prevent all forms of congregation as indicated by the ISS. This also applies to the elevators and stairs. In your hotel room you can only be with the person(s) whom you are officially registered with.

  • Follow the indicate route

We marked a path to indicate the route to follow in order to prevent congregations . We have implemented a one-way system.

  • A safe and delicious breakfast

Self service Breakfast buffet is temporary not available. Assisted Buffet is the solution we adopted. Our staff will make sure you won’t miss out on anything.

  • Don’t forget to smile and enjoy your stay!

Although some things are a bit different now, one thing will never change: at our hotel you can always count on a pleasant experience.