Hotel La Serena

Beach Service


By staying at least 3 nights you will enjoy the beach service provided by Hotel La Serena. The beach is at only 3 minutes walk from the Hotel. The service includes 1 sun umbrella, 1 sun bed and 1 deck chair.

Are you staying less that 3 nights?

If you are staying less than 3 nights and you are interested in having the beach service just ask for it at check-in. If we still have availability we will be happy to give you a place on the beach.

What make Bibione beach irresistible?

The specific characteristics of the beach and its services – cut on the tourists needs – guarantee to all the guests safety and tranquillity. Four are the main features that make Bibione a beach unique in its kind. Typology: 10 km of a golden, fine and soft sandy beach with an average width of 400 m, that offers personal space thanks also to the reasonable distance kept between the beach umbrellas. Location: the wide beach has the specific feature of being oriented towards the Zenith, a location that assures a constant sun exposition – from the morning to the evening. Safety: Bibione is the beach families prefer, since the sea bottom goes down gradually and is therefore especially safe for children. Furthermore, 22 lifeguards’ premises with rowing and jet boats guaranty the safeness of all bathers. The beach disposes also of a First Aid centre and a defibrillation unit with physicians for immediate assistance.
Service: the beach offers perfectly functioning equipment, in order to satisfy every tourist need. Bibione is also the first seaside resort of the Adriatic Sea that introduced the Customer Service: trained personnel ready to address and solve with competence and kindness the requests placed by the tourists.