Lignano through XRiver

30 min

Did you make it until the lighthouse effortlessly? Was the trip easy peasy? Then you might consider proceeding the trip. How can you explore the other side of the River? Here is where X River service is for. It consist of a ferry boat carrying up to 25 people and 25 Bicycles (it’s wheelchairs friendly as well). The bank where the ferry starts is located just 1km from the lighthouse. Once onboard, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a mesmerising natural environment. The crossing takes just a few minutes, the boat will leave you on the other side… and there you go, you can jump back on the saddle, and bike on in Lignano. The X River boat link is also great for day-trippers who want to discover the surroundings in total freedom even without moving the car.

Where to buy the tickets in Bibione:
  • Casa del Ciclo via Lemene 45
  • Bibione Lighthouse
  • Armonia Viaggi, corso del Sole 208
  • Tabacchi Gnan Solidea, corso del Sole 148
  • Eurobike, piazza Keplero 3
  • Summer Bike, via Atlante 31
  • Noleggio Cicli, Via Maja 131/A
  • Tabaccheria Andrea, via Maja 64
Where to buy the tickets in Lignano:
  • Casa del Ciclo, Via Punta Tagliamento – Lignano Riviera
  • Lignano Coach Station Ticket Office, Via
  • Amaranto – Lignano Sabbiadoro
  • FVG Tourist Information Centre, 42 Via Latisana – Lignano Sabbiadoro
  • Cafè e delizie, via Adriatico 13

General information

1 € / crossing (kids for free under 10 years)


Operates from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Crossing average duration: 15 min