Venice might be considered as a magnetic field that, with the magnificent beauty of St. Mark square, attracts people from all over the world who can attend there a unique show. As well, Venice might be considered as – and it is indeed – an open-air sumptuous lounge where to talk in comfortable bars, to lodge in dream hotels, to enjoy the Venetian food in typical restaurants and to go shopping in luxury boutiques. Venice is the town of the Thousand and One Nights: the moon reflected on the sea, the gilding of the lights on the palaces, the colourful Carnival and the romantic rides in the gondola along the canals… all this is magic. Venice arouses poetry: you can breath the atmosphere of history as well as of literature in the remembrance of important personalities of the past and in the enchanted images. Venice is the cradle of architectonic masterpieces: the Basilica of St. Mark, the Doge’s Palace, “La Fenice” theatre, the churches and every single “calle” (the typical Venetian narrow street) seem to be born from a skilful painter’s brush.

Venice worth to be visited in any season and to be experienced in any moment of the day: it will be always unique. Extraordinarily unique.

Venice is synonym of culture, and art, exhibitions, ancient art as well as the contemporary one are exhibited in the many museums of the town and in the itinerant displays organised on special events. Venice is a crossroad of canals: Canal Grande is a charming course to follow and from the boat you can admire the gorgeous palaces. As well, a superb view on the palaces is assured from the Rialto bridge, erected in 1588. Venice will be Venice: a town where getting lost in its calli and canals allows to discover new images, new romantic corners, beautiful palaces and squares, parks, colourful markets, shops of handicrafts. Venice is charming in the sun, mysterious in the fog, enchanting in the rain, it is industrious and busy in the early morning while silent and discreet in the evening.

How to get there

2 hr

Cruise departing from Bibione (organized tour) – more info on Armonia Viaggi Quickly Bus&Boat – more info on ATVO


Railway station of Latisana – Lignano – Bibione is just 20 km far from Bibione and it’s easily reachable by car (20 min) or by bus (40 min). Check for the timetable on TRENITALIA


Quickly Bus&Boat – more info on ATVO